When used correctly, evidence-based positive reinforcement training is the most gentle and effective form of training. Positively trained pets are well behaved because they want to be, thanks to a bond built on trust.   We value: science, consent, compassion, and safety, and we reject abusive dominance theory pseudoscience.

Abby Hartman walks the road of animal behavior, anthropology, art, activism, motherhood, humanism, OCD, and PTLDS.  Abby graduated from the University of Rochester (NY) in 2003 with a B.A. in cultural anthropology and independent concentration in animal behavior.  She volunteered at the Seneca Park Zoo in NY where she studied sea lion clicker training, zookeeping, and behavioral enrichment. She was a veterinary “nurse” for nearly a decade.  Abby worked as an accredited Dog Training Instructor with PetSmart and Fresh Air Training before founding It's Training Cats and Dogs in 2012.  She works closely with animal hospitals throughout the Twin Cities metro area, providing behavioral consultation referrals for cats and dogs with various behavioral issues.  She also teaches dog obedience through Minneapolis Community Education. Abby lives in Richfield, MN, with her family and pets. She has a special place in her heart for pitbulls.


Twitter: @AbbyHartman