It's Training Cats and Dogs, LLC -
Providing pet friendly,
reward-based training in your home

When used correctly, positive reinforcement training is the most gentle and effective form of training.  Positively trained pets are well behaved because they want to be, thanks to a bond built on trust.


  • Obedience training
  • Behavior modification
  • Clicker training

 $75/hr. session
+$25 for sessions outside the Twin Cities Metro area

We aim to make pet training accessible to all those who want it and work with people who are experiencing financial hardship by offering fees on a sliding scale, payment plans, and bartering options.  

Abby Hartman graduated from the University of Rochester in NY with a B.A. in anthropology and an independent concentration in animal behavior.  Abby worked with The Seneca Park Zoo where she studied sea lion clicker training, zoo-keeping, and behavioral enrichment.  After relocating to Minnesota in 2004, Abby continued working with animals as a Veterinary Technician.  Realizing she could integrate her love of companion animals with her love of social science, Abby began to focus on positive, reward-based pet training.  Abby worked as an accredited Dog Training Instructor with Petsmart and Fresh Air Training before founding It's Training Cats and Dogs in 2012.  Abby has continued to work closely with animal hospitals throughout the metro area, providing behavioral consultations for cats and dogs with various behavioral issues. Abby has special interest in intraspecific aggression, fear-aggression, problems between pets and children, cats with anxiety and inappropriate elimination problems, separation anxiety, shy dog training, and phobias.  Abby currently lives in Richfield with her husband, two children, and of course, rescued dog and cats.  
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