It's Training Cats and Dogs, LLC -
Providing pet friendly,
reward based training in your home.

We are family friendly and love involving children, too!


  • Obedience training
  • Behavior modification
  • Clicker training

General Fee:   $50/hr.

In-home behavioral consults usually last an hour, but expect up to two hours if there are multiple behavioral concerns.  Any subsequent visits are one hour, once weekly, as needed.

Have financial concerns?  A payment plan and/or post-dated checks are an option. 

30 min. phone consult: $10
Call or email to schedule.

Packages (Private in-home obedience training, including addressing all behavioral problems):

Beginner Adult/Puppy Obedience package:
1 hour weekly for 8 weeks: $350

This course teaches basic commands such as "watch me" (paying attention), targeting, sit, down, stand, leave it, drop it, wait, and stay.  This course also teaches loose leash walking, house-training, basic manners, and tricks.

Intermediate Obedience package:
1 hour weekly for 8 weeks: $350

This course addresses everything learned in beginner training, but with increased difficultly and added distractions.  More complicated behaviors such as heeling and going to particular spots on command are also learned.  

Advanced Obedience package:
1 hour weekly for 8 weeks: $350 

This course revisits intermediate level training but with increased difficulty and distractions in novel locations outside of the home, thereby making behavior reliable in any situation.

*I will not provide behavioral consultations for some cats without asking that your veterinarian rule out possible medical causes for the behavior.  If there is an underlying medical cause, I can supplement treatment with a behavior modification plan, but only if you agree to also treat medically.  I may require this for some dogs as well. 
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